Can Make Up Give you Wrinkles?

Can Make Up Give you Wrinkles?

If you are just beginning to learn about makeup, you must have heard about a great deal of controversy surrounding whether or not makeup can cause one to have wrinkles. Among other things, it is important to learn if makeup causes you to have wrinkles and if so, how to avoid this consequence.

So, can makeup cause you to have wrinkles? Unfortunately, Makeup can indeed cause you to have wrinkles. Makeup causes wrinkles when applied the wrong way, when fake makeup items are used when the makeup is wrong for the skin type, and when we forget to use a moisturizer after removing the makeup. While using makeup can help us to achieve that flawless look that we all crave, it is important to do it the right way to avoid wrinkles and other skin problems.

Keep reading to understand how makeup could be potentially giving your lovely skin some wrinkles.

Here is how Make up can give you Wrinkles


The first reason why makeup can give you wrinkles is when you use fake/counterfeit makeup.

When choosing makeup, it is important to note that cheap is expensive. What I mean is, if you buy something because it is inexpensive, you are likely to pay for it (expensively) with the health of your skin.

Fake makeup can have very real health consequences on the user. The illegal industry of makeup and personal care is worth billions of dollars annually, which means that you are more likely to encounter fake makeup items than you think. A 2017 article by the CBS indicated that fake personal care items are more common than knockoff handbags are.

The same 2017 CBS article showed that fake or cheap makeup items contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury, arsenic compounds, and aluminum.

Fake makeup products contain higher percentages of these dangerous chemicals than the FDA allows. For example, the FDA’s allowed amount of lead in makeup is 10 parts per million, but CBS found that fake versions of Mac lipstick contain over 15 times the allowed limit.

This should tell you how dangerous fake beauty products can be on your skin. You can check out the FDA’s site for more information on safe makeup products.

Using counterfeit makeup will undoubtedly cause discomfort, allergic reactions, eye infections, skin rashes, and chemical burns on different parts of your skin. Needless to say, when these eventually heal, there is a high risk that your skin will be left with wrinkles.

The ingredients and fragrances found in fake makeup products are likely to result in dermatitis, acne, skin discoloration, inflammation, and other skin-related problems.

As these heal, they take a toll on the health and elasticity of the skin, leading to wrinkles. Unfortunately, most people will continue to use these makeup to cover up these skin damages, without knowing that they are only making the condition worse.

Therefore, the skin will continue to dry out, stretch, and form wrinkles (this is not to mention irritation and discomfort. So yes, makeup, and especially fake makeup, can give you wrinkles. So next time you go to purchase a product, do your diligence, and make sure it is the real deal.


A second reason why makeup can give you wrinkles is if you use the wrong makeup items for your skin. There are different types of skin, ranging from oily, sensitive, dry, and normal/combination skin.

Therefore, the makeup that you choose must match your skin type, so that you do not introduce disruptions.

When you use the wrong makeup for your skin type, you are likely to experience a range of problems that will leave you with bad and wrinkled skin. Cara McDonald, a Consultant Dermatologist, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, writes that certain cosmetics products can cause acne cosmetica since they block pores on the skin.

Blocked pores lead to acne and small bumpy pimples that almost resemble a rash. Also, this continues to clog the pores, leads to inflammation, and can sometimes cause irritant or contact dermatitis.

These reactions result from the combination, quantity, and delivery methods of the makeup. These reactions might be worsened by underlying conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin, and or rosacea.

Also, people who have acne before using makeup might find that makeup worsens the condition. Therefore, given all these complications, makeup can leave your skin with wrinkles.

Therefore, if you find that makeup causes your skin any discomfort, its best to discontinue use and seek assistance from a dermatologist.


Another thing that can mean the difference between makeup causing wrinkles and giving you a flawless look is the way you apply it. The way you apply make up on your skin, especially along the soft and sensitive skin around the eyes or lips, can leave it wrinkled and stretched.

When you apply makeup, it is best not to tug and pull the skin, since this can cause it to lose its elasticity. When the skin is rubbed and tugged, the capillaries around it break, and it is left looking tired and unable to replenish or repair itself. As a result, it is likely to become wrinkled.

Therefore, when you apply makeup, be careful not to tug on it, rub it aggressively, or pull on it tightly. These three seemingly harmless moves can cause wrinkles, which you will associate with makeup.


The use of makeup and removal can leave the skin a little too dry. When this happens, the inner layer of the skin is revealed as the dead cells that form the top layer slag off, exposing the finer wrinkles that are often unseen. This process can occur in a few hours, for example, when you travel for long or stay in extremely humid areas.

Moisturizer may not prevent wrinkles, but it can temporarily plump the skin. This step can make the wrinkles appear less deep and less visible.

According to an article by Mayo Clinic, moisturizers work by trapping water in the skin, which can mask tiny creases. Therefore, forgetting the use of a moisturizer in your beauty regimen can result in wrinkles.


When all is said and done, how you care for skin is important in protecting your skin from wrinkles. Here are a few tips:

  1. Do not use fake/counterfeit makeup items.
  2. Remember to moisturize your skin after you remove the makeup (this will help you keep wrinkles at bay…your skin will thank you)
  3. When putting on makeup and removing it, remember not to rub aggressively, tug on it, or pull too hard (this will break your skin and leave it looking tired and wrinkled.)
  4. Protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen (This will keep wrinkles at bay…and your skin will thank you for a long time to come)
  5. Eat healthily, beauty begins on the inside, and as wise people say, “You Are What You Eat!”

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