For most of us, the toner is a secret weapon to flawless skin. Face toner is a water-based liquid that has skin-soothing qualities. Toners come in different types for different skin types. A toner is designed to refresh your skin while retaining its natural moisture. It will not irritate your skin even if you have sensitive skin. Toners will not cause excessive dryness for those who have dry skin. The toner prepares your skin to hold in the moisturizer and other skin products that you add to it. So, can you use it as a setting spray?

You can use a toner as a setting spray to achieve a healthy and hydrated look. While a toner will not help your makeup to last longer, it will prevent it from becoming cakey or clumpy.

Before we can answer the question of whether you can use toner as a setting spray, let’s find out what is the purpose of setting spray.

What Does Setting Spray Do?

Just as the primer is the first step of your makeup routine, setting spray is the last step. This means that it locks in your look, making it so that you do not need to keep applying your makeup throughout the day. Setting spray is lightweight and will hold your makeup in place. It will prevent the makeup from fading and make it long-lasting.

Now let’s find out what’s toner and what it does.

What is a Face Toner, and Why Should I Use It?

It will eliminate dirt, impurities, and grime that is left on your face after washing. It should be part of your daily routine for you to see its impact. Using a toner regularly will tighten your pores and even your skin because it refines the rough patches on your skin. A toner also balances your skin’s pH and smoothens it.

You should apply a toner after you wash your face. Use a cotton ball dipped in toner. You should then rub it on your face in a sweeping motion. Make sure to be gentle. Use it twice a day after washing your face, preferably in the morning and evening.

While everybody needs a toner, it is most especially useful for those with oily skin, those who wear makeup often, and those with acne. These skin types tend to hold in more stuff in their pores, and a toner will help clarify them. These skins are at risk of clogging their pores, and toner opens them up.

Overall, a toner will give you healthy skin and a glowing look.
Now that we know what a toner is and setting spray is, let us see if we can use toner as a setting spray.

Using Toner as a Setting Spray

As mentioned earlier, toner clears your pores and makes it easy for them to absorb the incoming skin treatment. For this reason, you can use it to prime your skin for makeup. It allows your makeup to meld on your face instead of clumping on and getting cakey.

The best toner to use as a setting spray is a mist toner or toner mist since these types of toners are hydrating binder sprays. Unfortunately, using toner as a setting spray does not help your makeup to last longer like a normal setting spray. However, it will prevent it from becoming cakey and give you a healthy and hydrated makeup look.

For the most part, using a toner on your makeup will simply create a fresh look. You can use it anytime throughout the day to create a freshened look.

Benefits of Using a Toner in Your Makeup Routine

Naturally, setting spray is simply a liquid mist with either water or alcohol as the primary ingredient. When used, it increases the lifespan of your makeup since it prevents it from smudging or fading. Given the ingredients of the setting spray, you can use a toner in its place.

However, not all toners can serve as setting spray since ingredients such as panthenol, butyl glycol, glycerin, or rosewater are necessary. Even witch hazel can make your toner serve as a setting spray.

So, what are the benefits of using toner as part of your makeup routine?

It Will Refresh Your Skin

A toner, especially a face mist, serves as a skin hydrator that will revive your skin’s appearance. Using a toner will have a cooling and refreshing effect on your skin. When your skin is well hydrated, oxygenation is boosted, leading to a bright and radiant complexion.

To use toner mist as your setting spray. Spray it on your face once you are done applying makeup. You can also wet the makeup brushes with it at the beginning of the process.

It will Act as a Moisture Sealant

Being a hydrating agent, a toner can also seal in moisture when used within the makeup steps. Layering in an application of toner mist within your makeup layers, such as between the cleanser and the serum, can help to seal in moisture.

It Will Act as A Primer for Makeup

Applying toner mist before your makeup will act as a binder, creating a smoother surface for your makeup application. It will also help your blending, and the makeup will come out looking smoother.

It Will Reduce the Appearance of Pores

When you apply a toner before putting on makeup, it helps to reduce the size of your pores. Normally, when the pores fill with oil, they expand and appear large. So, if you manage to spray a layer of toner, the pores will not fill with oil and will appear smaller. Most toner mists have oil-control properties and will minimize the appearance of the pores. For instance, rose water and witch hazel have sebum-controlling properties.


You can use toner as a setting spray, as it will bind your makeup. Additionally, it will prevent the makeup from becoming cakey or getting smudged. Toners are beneficial to your skin as they will provide essential ingredients to your skin, hydrate and replenish skin, and provide additional cleansing. It will also provide your skin with antioxidants and soothing ingredients.

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