Is Avocado Oil Good for low porosity hair?

Is Avocado Oil Good for low porosity hair?

One of the biggest challenges people with low porosity hair face is keeping it moisturized. Given that there are so many products that promise to help moisturize this type of hair one can get lost on which product to use. Natural oils are some of the best products to take care of any type of hair. In this post we digger deeper into whether avocado oil is fit for this type of hair.

While not a lightweight oil, avocado oil has the ability to penetrate into low porosity hair and moisturize. This oil can also promote hair growth, add shine, prevent dandruff, and hair breakage.

Benefits of using avocado oil for low porosity hair

Avocado oil is a moisturizer

As we stated earlier one of the most challenging part of taking care of low porosity hair is keeping it moisturized.

If you use the wrong type of products you may end up causing more harm than the intended good. The wrong moisturizing products can cause build-up, leave your hair feeling greasy and dense.

Light weight oils have the ability to penetrate the cuticle of the hair and keep it moisturized. Avocado oil is good and safe to apply on low porosity hair. Though not as lightweight as other oils suitable for low porosity hair such as Argan oil, and grapeseed oil used as moisture sealants, avocado oil can be used on low porosity hair.

Though it is not lightweight, avocado oil has the ability to penetrate into low porosity hair and moisturize. Lightweight oils are also able to seal the moisture inside the hair and keep it moisturized compared to heavy oils that sit on the hair.

Use avocado oil for those occasions when your low porosity hair is extra dry and needs intense moisturizing. You can use it as part of your pre-shampooing treatment. When used during this stage, avocado oil will also not leave your hair feeling dense and greasy.

Avocado Oil Prevents and Treats Dandruff

Dandruff can be a nuisance especially if you are just starting your natural hair growth journey. Dandruff is caused by several factors such as the dry scalp, fungi, and poor hygiene.

Avocado oil can help prevent dandruff caused by dryness of the scalp, given its intensive moisturizing power, avocado oil will keep your scalp and hair moisturized which will prevent dandruff caused by flaky scalp.

When mixed with oils such as peppermint oil which is also good for low porosity hair since it helps to balance the pH of the scalp and hair.

The two oils can help prevent dandruff caused by dry scalp and fungi since peppermint oil has antimicrobial properties that will help prevent and treat dandruff caused by fungi, We have written a whole post explaining the importance of peppermint oil for low porosity hair you can check it out.

Avocado Oil Prevents Hair Breakage

One of the most dreadful things is combing your hair and then you realize the brush is full of your hair strands, especially when you are trying to grow out your hair.

One of the factors that contribute to hair breakage is poorly moisturized hair, resulting into dry and brittle hair.

Moisturized hair is normally flexible and easy to comb through which prevents breakage. An oil that has the ability to penetrate through the hair strand and moisturize it from the inside out will make the hair strand even more flexible making it easy to comb through with little or no breakage.

Given that avocado oil has the ability to penetrate through the hair strand applying it to your hair will keep it moisturized and more flexible making it easy to comb.

When combing your hair, make sure to comb starting with the ends of the hair and detangle them first before combing from the root to avoid breaking your hair.

However, if your hair is already damaged avocado oil may not help with the repair, while it may prevent further damage. It will not help with repairing damaged hair, you may need other products such as rice water or protein loaded products to help with the repair.

Avocado Oil Will Help with Detangling Hair

Combing tangled hair can be as painful as pulling your hair. Using your fingers apply avocado oil on the tips of your hair especially after washing with warm water.

Then use a brush or wide toothed brush to comb through your hair. Avocado oil will help minimize entanglement and make it easy for your to comb through with minimal pressure therefore preventing hair loss.

Avocado Oil Protects Hair from Damage

Environmental factors such as pollution, seawater, chlorine, or sunlight can cause damage to the hair mostly by drying it.

If you will be outdoors especially in the sea swimming, the high salt water will draw moisture from your hair. Chlorine in swimming pool water will also draw water from the hair and make it dry and brittle.

In this case, if you will be going out apply avocado oil to your hair, this will minimize or protect your hair from damage caused by environmental factors.

Hair styling using chemicals, bleaching will cause damage to your hair.

Avocado Promotes Hair Growth

Avocado contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will help with ensuring your hair follicles are healthy.

While avocado oil will not stimulate growth of hair, it will prevent the hair that is already grown from breaking.

Given that avocado oil keeps hair moisturized and promotes the health of the scalp mixed with an oil such as peppermint oil that has been proven to stimulate hair growth will definitely promote the growth of the hair.

The best time to apply avocado oil is after washing it with warm water to make sure that your hair cuticles and scalp are ready to absorb the oil.

Avocado oil is also loaded with antioxidants, antioxidants helps reverse the effects caused by oxidative stress caused by environmental factors plus chemicals such as dyes. Oxidative stress can damage hair follicles and prevent the growth of hair.

Therefore, applying avocado oil will aid in reversing and preventing oxidative stress and prevent hair follicle damage, hence promoting hair growth.

Avocado Oil Adds Shine

Avocado oil will also add shine and luster to your hair due to its moisturizing properties. Dull hair can be a turn off especially when you are trying to grow and take care of your low porosity hair.

Avocado oil will help add luster, and shine to your hair by keeping it moisturized.

How to use avocado oil on low porosity hair

Before using avocado oil in your hair or any other part of your body you should always do a patch test. A patch test will help you know whether you are allergic to avocado oil or not.

To do a patch test, apply some avocado oil at the back of your hard and let it sit overnight. Should you have an allergic reaction, you should not use avocado oil. However, if you do not have any negative reaction then you should continue and use the oil.

Scalp Massage

You can mix avocado oil with your massage oil such as sweet almond oil which is also good and safe for low porosity hair and use it to massage your scalp.

Warming the oil mixture will help it with penetrating into your hair and scalp better.

Using avocado oil to massage your scalp will help to keep it moisturized and prevent dandruff caused by the dry and flaky scalp. It will also keep your hair follicles nourished which will promote hair growth.

You can leave the avocado oil in the hair and scalp after massage for a short time for added absorption.

Hair Mask

If you do not have the avocado oil, you can mash the avocado fruit itself and apply it to your scalp and hair. While you will get the same benefits just like someone who had used avocado oil.

You might find it hard to wash off all the remnants of avocado on your hair unless if you have shorter hair.

If you have long hair it would be better to use the avocado oil and not the mashed fruit.

As a conditioner

After washing your hair with a good residue free shampoo, apply avocado oil when your hair damp but not wet.

Damp hair absorbs moisture much better than dry hair. Make sure that the hair is well oiled from the root from the tip. This will make sure that the hair is well moisturized.


Avocado oil is good for low porosity hair, it will keep it moisturized, promote growth and protect it from damage.

Mix avocado oil with other oils that are right for low porosity hair such as grapeseed oil, Argan oil or sweet almond oil. Mixing it with peppermint oil will ensure the pH of the scalp is maintained at its optimal.

However, because avocado oil is heavyweight, it may weigh down your hair if you use too much of it and cause it to feel greasy.

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