is tea tree oil good for dreadlocks

Is Tea Tree Oil Good for Dreadlocks?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is derived from the leaves of tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. Over the years, tree oil has been a natural remedy for several skin conditions such as natural remedy for a variety of conditions such as acne, tinea pedis, trichomonal vaginitis, and onychomycosis.

So, is tea tree oil good for dreadlocks? Tea tree oil (TTO) is excellent for your dreadlocks. Tea tree oil can help to overcome dreads and scalp problems such as headlice, dryness, itchiness, dandruff, inflammation, and prevents fungal and bacterial infections.

Research shows that during World War 1 Australian troops would include tea tree oil in their first-aid kits for the treatment of burns, infections, and burns. Over the years, the utilization of tea tree oil has been expanded to other uses, including hair application. Tea tree oil shampoos and pure tea tree oils have been shown to have beneficial impacts on hair. Please note that tea tree oil is safe for topical applications and not swallowing.

Benefits of Tea tree oil for Dreadlocks

As mentioned above, tea tree oil will offer multiple benefits for your dreadlocks and scalp. Research indicates that tea tree used on your head will help to prevent a) headlice, b) dandruff, c) alopecia, d) fungal infections, e) promote hair growth, and f) inflammation that leads to itchiness. Therefore, when you start using tea tree oil on your dreadlocks, you will notice multiple benefits.

Treating and Preventing Dandruff

Scientific studies show that tea tree oil has the potential to reduce dandruff by at least 41% after usage. Using shampoos with at least 5% five percent tea tree oil can help to treat mild to extreme cases of dandruff. Therefore, if your dreadlocks are affected by dandruff, tea tree oil is a natural remedy that has no side effects.

Treating and Preventing Head-Lice

Due to its anticholinesterase potential, tea tree oil has been shown to prevent lice infestation. Research shows that tea tree oil has an insecticidal activity that helps to eliminate head lice infestations. Studies show that to treat head lice, apply tea tree oil on the scalp and leave for 40 minutes, then wash the dreadlocks.

Therefore, using tea tree oil on your dreadlocks can help you to treat or avoid lice infestations, which can happen if you have a lot of dreadlocks and do not wash your dreadlocks often. According to Mayo Clinic, tea tree oil can be mixed with lavender oil to treat lice eggs.

Treating Scalp fungal Infections

Scalp yeast or fungal infections on your dreadlocks can be extremely annoying, much so if they occur on your dreadlocks. Sometimes Over-the-Counter ointments can be ineffective, and this is where tea tree oil comes in.

Research shows that tea tree oil has components of tea tree oil had a wide range of fungicidal potential. You can use tea tree oil without the usual toxic systemic effects associated with current antifungal medication.

Treating and Preventing Alopecia

In the treatment of alopecia, tea tree oil has been shown to be superior to most common treatment approaches in terms of stability, safety, and efficacy. Also, it showed a quick response when treating alopecia. Thus, effectiveness is associated with the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil.

Eliminating Itchiness

When properly used on your dreadlocks, tea tree oil eliminates flakes, fights inflammation, bacteria, and fungi, which are responsible for itchiness. Also, it can be mixed with other essential oils such as peppermint for similar results.

Promoting Hair Growth

Tea tree oil has significant benefits on your scalp, especially in terms of cleansing and promoting hair growth. For application, you can mix it with your daily shampoo or simply apply it on your scalp and massage thoroughly before washing it out.

According to Hairfinity, tea tree oil has cleansing properties that help to unclog your hair follicles and promote hair growth.

Therefore, you can use tea tree oil to promote the growth of long luscious locks. Australian Body Care points out that applying a diluted form of tea tree oil on your scalp can stimulate and increase blood flow on the are, which then promotes healthy hair growth.

Also, like any other oil, tea tree oil can form a protective layer that will prevent loss of moisture from your dreadlocks and will protect it from adverse environmental factors.

As such, with continued use of tea tree oil, you will notice increased softness and smoothness of your locks. Thus, this oil will help to prevent frizz and potential matting of your dreadlocks.

Preventing Dry Scalp

As mentioned previously, tea tree oil has significant benefits to your scalp. Consequently, it is useful in treating a dry scalp by moisturizing and nourishing it, giving it the health and vigor needed to support healthy dreadlocks.

To treat a dry scalp with tea tree oil, you can take several approaches. One such approach is to dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil. A carrier oil can be defined as any oil that has little or no scent and is used to dilute (carry) an essential oil.

Once you have diluted your tea tree oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil, you can then rub the mixture on your scalp for about 15 minutes or until it is well spread on your scalp.

After 15 minutes, you can then rinse out your dreadlocks thoroughly. You can also leave the oil in overnight before rinsing it out. Consistent use and eliminate scalp dryness.

Another approach is to add tea tree oil to your conditioner. After shampooing your dreadlocks, add tea tree oil to your shampoo, apply it on your head, and leave for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out properly.

When used to treat dry scalp, tea tree oil helps to prevent flaking, which promotes healthy-looking dreadlocks.


Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for multiple hair problems, especially for those rocking dreadlocks. Using tea tree oil can help you keep your scalp and locks clean by preventing a) dryness, b) itchiness, c) head lice, d) dandruff and flaking, e) alopecia, and f) scalp fungus.

Also, it will promote hair growth and give your locks a glossy, soft, and smooth finish. Tea tree presents you with herbal remedies for most inconveniences for your dreadlocks, without side effects linked to its topical applications.

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